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How long will delivery take?

Deliveries in the UK will be sent via the Royal Mail’s 1st class service, to arrive between 1-3 days.

We also ship worldwide. Please see our delivery page for more detailed information.

Will the star be visible from the UK?

There are officially 88 recognised constellations, and the constellation your star is located in will dictate what time of the year it will be overhead and therefore visible from the UK. For this reason and to guarantee viability from the UK, we only allow a purchase from a constellation that resides in the northern hemisphere.

If you would like to coincide the visibility of your star with an important date, such as a birthday or wedding anniversary we suggest you upgrade to the Zodiac or Supernova package, as you are able to select a constellation yourself such as Virgo, Aries and Leo.

Will I need a telescope to see the star?

Your star will be located in the northern hemisphere, so it will be visible from the UK (at certain times of the year). If you choose the standard “Name a Star” package, then unfortunately we can not guarantee that you will be able to see your star with the naked eye, and you may require a telescope to do so, (unless you purchase the Bright, or Extra bright options)

We recommend upgrading to our Zodiac or Supernova packages if you would like to guarantee viability from the UK with the naked eye. 

How can I find my star in the night sky?

Supplied within your chosen gift set will be the required information to help you locate the star. Information detailing which constellation your star resides in and its coordinates. You will also be able to locate it using popular star locating software such as Google Sky or Stellarium.

Do you accept exchanges and refunds?

Yes we do, and you have two choices.

If you are not completely satisfied with the star that has been named for you, then we can exchange it for a different one free of charge. Or if you would prefer a refund, this must be initiated within 30 days from the purchase date, and the gift pack returned to us within 35 days for a full refund.  

If you would like to go ahead with either of the two options, please contact us at

Will my star name be officially recognised?

Purchasing a gift package form the World Star Register™ should be done with the understanding that you are purchasing a heartfelt personalised novelty gift. The World Star Register™ is an independent commercial registry, separate to NASA and the IAU (International Astronomers Union) who keep their own records. Therefore, your star name will not be recognised by those bodies and only recognised by and be viewable in the World Star Register™.

Your star name will be entered into the World Star Register™ for eternity without the need for further purchase.

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